Antenas Receptora GPS Activa Bluetooth – Bluetooth MTK 32 – HAICOM – HI-408 BT



Antenas Receptora GPS Activa Bluetooth – Bluetooth MTK 32 – HAICOM – HI-408 BT

Introductions :

HI-408BT Bluetooth® GPS receiver provides you with best accuracy and highest sensitivity.

HI-408BT is a 32 channel Bluetooth® GPS receiver with -158dBm highsensitivity and has up to 25 hours of navigation time.

Technical specification :

Chipset MT 3318f +6601
GPS single +Bluetooth Chipset
General Frequency : L1,1575.42MHz
C/A code : 1.023MHz Chip rate
Channels : 14/32
Accuracy Position :

  • 3meters,2D RMS
  • 2.5meters,2D,RMS WAAS corrected
  • 2.5meters(50%)

Velocity : 0.1meters/second
Time : 1microsecond synchronized to GPS time

Datum Default : WGS-84
Other : selectable for other Datum
Time to First Fix (TTFF) Reacquisition : 0.1sec.,average
Open Sky & Stationary
Hot start : 1sec.,average typical TTFF
Warm start : 36sec.,average typical TTFF
Coid Start : 38 sec.,average typical TTFF
Dynamic Altitude : 18,000meters(60,000feet) max.
Velocity : 515meter/second(1000 knots) max.
Acceleration : 4g, max
Jerk : 20 meter/second3, max.
Power Main power input : DC 5.0V
Operation hours : 10 hours in continuous mode
Battery : 670mA Built-in Li-polymer battery
Serial Port Electrical interface : UARTS
Plotocol messages : NMEA-0183V3.01
@115200bps (defult)

Environmental Characteristics

Operating temperature range -10 deg °C to +50 deg °C
Strage temperature range -20 deg °C to +65 deg °C

Physical Characteristics

Length 75.6mm ± 0.12mm
Width 28.4mm ± 0.08mm
Height 18.7mm ± 0.08mm
Weight 38 g (includeing rechargeable battery)

Interface Specifications

Bluetooth V1.2 compliance,class 2
USB Mini USB for charging only

LED Display

LED 1 (GPS) LED 2 (Bluetooth) LED 3 (Power)
Color Green Blue Red
Always on 3D fixed BT connected Battery is charging
Blinking GPS signal acquisition BT on, but not connected yet
NO Battery is fully charged
Quiuk Blinking Low power


Core of firmware MTK
Boud rate 115200bps
Cord type NMEA-0183 ASCII
Datum WGS-84
Protocol message GGA(1sec),GSA(5sec)、GSV(5sec),RMC(1sec),VTG(1sec)
Output frequency 1Hz(default)


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